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Department of Accountancy Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

Be a nationally recognized leader in accounting education.

Mission Statement

Advance a learning environment that educates and engages students to achieve their professional goals and that encourages diversity of thought in faculty scholarship. 

Strategic Priorities:

Theme 1: Deliver Innovative, Mission-Driven Curricula

  • Develop and deliver innovative programs.
  • Create and implement experiences that impact student learning and career success.
  • Foster the skills students need to effectively enter the profession.

Theme 2:  Provide Distinctive Student Experiences and Facilitate Professional Engagement

  • Encourage student interactions with professionals.
  • Recruit and support students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Support a variety of student organizations to promote professional development.

Theme 3:  Promote Impactful Research and Support Faculty Development

  • Support research that advances the discipline, the profession, and the academy.
  • Provide opportunities for faculty development in scholarship, teaching, and leadership.
  • Promote faculty engagement with the academy and the profession.

Learning Goals

Learning goals are broad statements that describe what we want our graduates to be or have. Learning objectives describe what our graduates will know or be able to do, in more specific, measurable terms. We use a variety of direct assessment measures in our classes to support our assurance of learning efforts. Our Assurance of Learning Committee reviews this data annually and reports to both our faculty and our Department Curriculum Committee. Based on their recommendations, changes are made to our curriculum and courses. In the fall 2012, our direct assessment program was identified as an "exemplar" for the University, which noted that is "was systematically implemented and findings were consistently used to improve the attainment of learning outcomes." During our last AACSB accreditation visit, our review team praised the rigor of our assurance of learning program and its indicators demonstrated that students achieved learning outcomes at a high level.

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