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Earning you MAS (Leadership) degree fulfills all educational requirements to be eligible to sit for the CPA exam as dictated by the Illinois Board of Examiners (IBOE).

Can I take the CPA exam once I have earned 150 hours, even if I have not completed the MAS (Leadership) program?

As of July 1, 2013, you may begin sitting for the CPA exam during your last semester in the MAS (Leadership) program (in other words, in the semester during which you are going to earn your MAS (Leadership) degree). The Illinois Board of Examiners (IBOE) refers to this as "provisional" status - allowing you to count the semester hours in your final semester classes in order to meet their requirements even though you have not completed those courses. You may only request "provisional" status once and final transcripts documenting your successful completion of those courses must be received by the IBOE within 120 days after you sit for a section of the CPA exam.