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Scheduling FAQs

Where will the program be offered?

The MAS (Leadership) program is taught on the DeKalb campus only. Occassionally, it is possible that one or more of the business electives may need to be taken at an off-campus location, however, there is an additional off-campus fee added to tuition for off-campus courses.

When are courses going to be offered?

Most classes are offered during the day, while a few are offered early evening. Summer Phase II accountancy courses will begin one or two weeks after spring semester ends.

Can I start the program at any term?

Yes, students are admitted, and begin taking classes, in the summer, fall, and spring terms.

Can I go part-time at NIU?

Contact Steve Kispert, MAS Advisor, at for additional information.

Can I take 15 hours in the fall and 15 hours in the spring and be done?

Full-time status is 9 hours per semester. A normal course load for a fall or spring semester is 12 hours, and a normal course load for summer is 6 hours. Contact Steve Kispert, MAS Advisor, at for additional information.

Can I work and go to school full time?

A full-time master's program is very challenging and we recommend you do not work.