Degree Requirements

Students are required to complete a minimum of 36 graduate semester-hours of course work beyond the required pre-requisites and a baccalaureate degree.

ACCY 510 – Accounting Information Systems (3)*
ACCY 520 – Intermediate Cost Management (3)*
ACCY 531 – Financial Reporting I (3)*
ACCY 532 – Financial Reporting II (3)*
ACCY 550 – Principles of Taxation (3)*
ACCY 560 – Assurance Services (3)*
ACCY 633 – Advanced Financial Reporting (3)
ACCY 650 – Advanced Issues in Taxation (3)
ACCY 664 – Financial Statement Auditing (3)
ACCY 670 – Accounting Research (3)
ACCY 675 – Data Analytics and Decision Making in Accounting (3)
ACCY or College of Business elective hours (3)

A two-course Principles of Accounting sequence and general business courses in finance, statistics, and economics will be included in a student’s program of study unless he or she has earned a C or better in a corresponding undergraduate course or a B or better in an equivalent graduate course. The general business course requirements may be met by completing courses at a university, community college, or select online providers.

*Certificate of Graduate Study – Foundation of Accountancy

Students may earn a Certificate of Graduate Study by completing 15 credit hours focused on the foundational areas of the accountancy discipline. See the Certificate of Graduate Study page for details.

Program Format

MAC courses will be offered in the evenings at our NIU Naperville campus. At least two courses will be scheduled each semester (fall, spring, summer). The program may be completed in two years.